Rabobank SWIFT Codes Netherlands

Rabobank SWIFT Codes in the Netherlands

If you are looking for Rabobank swift code, then you are in the right article. Below, you can find the swift code information that you have been looking for on the internet. If you are going to receive money from a foreign bank that is located apart from the Netherlands, then you will have to provide this information to the sender in order to successfully perform the transaction. On the other hand, if you are the sender party, then you need to provide this specific information to your bank while you are going to initiate the international money transaction. Sadly, it is not possible to complete your transaction without providing this information.

Rabobank SWIFT Codes NetherlandsSwift codes are a unique set of numbers and letters which specify a certain bank in a certain country. They are unique codes that can be considered as the private address of the banks in different countries. One of the most common misconceptions about these codes is the fact that people believe the same banks in different countries have the same swift codes. However, these codes are not assigned to banks but banks in certain countries. This means that Rabobank in the Netherlands and Rabobank in any other country have two different swift codes.

If you will provide this information wrong or provide the swift code of another bank, then the money transaction will be performed to another bank. It is highly possible that your money will be returned back to your account after a long process and you will pay transaction fees for nothing. This is why you need to make sure that you are going to provide accurate information to your sender or bank representative who will assist you during the international money transaction. Here is the swift code of Rabobank in the Netherlands that you are looking for. Please note that this is up to date information in which you can receive the same code by contacting your bank.

Branch Name Swift Code
Rabobank Nederland, Utrecht (AND ALL MEMBER RABOBANK) RABONL2U
Rabobank Nederland, Utrecht (FOR CLS ONLY) RABONL2UCLS
Rabobank Nederland, Utrecht RABONL2UBRO
Rabobank Nederland, Utrecht RABONL2UIBS
Rabobank Nederland, Utrecht RABONL2UPBO
Rabobank Nederland, Utrecht RABONL2USCR
Rabobank Nederland, Utrecht RABONL2UTCF

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