Triodos Bank Netherlands

Triodos Bank Netherlands

Triodos Bank NetherlandsTriodos Bank Netherlands is one of the local banks located in the country which was founded in 1980. Today they provide banking and financial services in different parts of Europe including the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, France, and Germany. They one of the environment-friendly banks which grant loans for organic farming, culture, and solar energy. They offer their services to more than 700,000 customers in Europe and served more than 20 million visitors with the cultural events they took part in. Today, they also provide lending services to many businesses and organizations across Europe. The number of branches in the Netherlands is quite low since the bank usually provide their services through the web.

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If you are a foreigner or visitor in the Netherlands then, unfortunately, you may not receive a service from this bank. It is mainly because Triodos Bank Netherlands lends money to enterprises and organizations and they do not focus on individual banking. However, in the event that you are planning to organize a comprehensive cultural event or invest in organic farming in any part of Europe, you can contact the bank and start benefiting from their high-quality services. They are also one of the banks which give great importance to transparency in their operations and transactions.

Head Office Triodos Bank N.V. (Head Office)
Nieuweroordweg 1
3704 EC Zeist,
Mail Address
Phone +31 (0) 30 693 65 00
Fax +31 (0)30 693 65 55
Official Site


Triodos Bank Netherlands Head Office

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