DHB Bank Netherlands

DHB Bank Netherlands

DHB Bank Netherlands which is also known as Demir-Halk Bank is a bank that 70% of the shares belong to HCBG Holding BV and 30% of the shares belong to Turkish Halk Bank Inc. The bank was founded in the Netherlands and 48.8% of its shares are listed on Istanbul’s stock exchange. The bank is subject to the Dutch Central Bank and offering its services to its customers in 4 countries, which are Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium, and Germany. The bank offers its services to only corporate customers and therefore you may not find their branches in every part of the country like other major banks offering services to individual customers.

DHB Bank NetherlandsHowever, in case you are running a business in one of these four countries then DHB Bank Netherlands may be a good option to start working with. Their expertise in the banking industry is a great chance for those ventures who want to invest in global markets and foreign countries. In addition to their offices, they offer services through the telephone banking branch. Moreover, they are a part of the private banking network in the Netherlands and other countries they operate, which allow their customers to use the ATMs of major banks. It will be worth to note that they operate within EU Union borders.

Head Office Weena 780,
3014 DA Rotterdam
Postal Address Postbus 23294
3001 KG Rotterdam Netherlands
Opening hours On business days 09.00 – 17.15
Phone +31 (0)10 436 91 51
Fax +31 (0)10 436 92 52
E-Mail info@dhbbank.com
Official Site www.dhbbank.com

Head Office On Map:

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