ABN AMRO Netherlands

ABN AMRO Netherlands

ABN AMRO Bank NetherlandsABN AMRO Netherlands is the third-largest bank serving in the Netherlands and the bank was founded in 1991. In fact, the history of the bank dates back to 1765 but it took its today’s form in 1991 through the merger. The bank is operating in 63 countries and offers its banking and financial services with more than 110,000 employees. In addition to its branches in the country, the bank also offers its services through telephone and internet banking branches. The working hours of the branches are fixed and designed according to the legal working hours in the country. However, you can receive 24/7 services through other branches.

ABN AMRO Bank Swift Code: ABN AMRO Bank SWIFT Codes in the Netherlands

You can benefit from the services of ABN AMRO Netherlands as an individual or corporate entity. Some of the main banking and financial services they offer include payments & credit cards, investments, insurance, savings, future income, loans, and mortgages. As being the third-largest bank in the country, they are preferred by the majority of Netherland citizens and residents. As a foreigner or visitor in the country, you can benefit from their services by starting an account. All you need to do is visit one of their branches and provide your passport or ID to open an account in this prestigious bank.

Head Office Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
Amsterdam, 1082 PP
Press Office ABN AMRO Press Office
Head of Media Relations & PR
+31 20 6288900
Investor Relations ABN AMRO Investor Relations
Head Investor Relations
+31 20 6282282
Phone 0900 – 0024 (local charges)
+31 10 241 1720 (from outside the Netherlands)(24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
Fax +31 20 628 7740
E-Mail pressrelations@nl.abnamro.com
Official Site https://www.abnamro.nl/

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